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Bar Cart Mood Board

Want a bar cart but not interested in having alcohol in your home? Que bar cart sans alcohol! I had so much fun creating this bar cart and thought others might have a need for something similar. Whether your teenagers can’t be trusted with alcohol out in the open, or you have a sober household, you can still compliment your space with a drink cart if you wish to do so.

my client recently moved here from Colorado. So I felt compelled to choose this adorable Mickey themed bar cart when designing their pool room. Especially since teenagers would be occupying the space along with adults. It’s a classic piece that both children and adults can appreciate. After learning that they are self proclaimed “Disney freaks” (there’s no such thing in my mind, everyone needs to believe in magic!) I felt compelled to fill the cart with Florida themed accents along with all of the mock tail necessities!

I found a map of Disney on Etsy along with some FL coasters, some greenery (always a must!), Pellegrino, paper straws, mixer necessities, recipe book, and lastly, clear cylinder vases to be filled with lemons (or even better, oranges)!

Thank you all for following along this MLD journey! More client mood boards coming soon but for now, enjoy! For links to items photoed, questions, comments, email me!

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