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Cherry Cabinet Transformation

I recently had a client who wanted to remodel her kitchen by painting the cabinets. The countertops, furniture, flooring, and wall color would all remain the same. She needed guidance on choosing colors that would update her kitchen but also go with current finishing. The kitchen is fairly large, so the dark oak occupying the space really darkened the room. Both the island as well as the rest of the cabinets were consistent as pictured. To update current style, we decided to make the island color different then the rest of the cabinetry.

the challenge was finding two colors that would not only blend with one another, but also with the cherry colored flooring and beige/brown granite. In order to brighten up the majority of the kitchen, we settled on China White by Benjamin Moore. As for the island, I knew green would be the best option to blend with the rest of the decor and colors. However finding the right green that isn‘t too bright, or too dark, was a challenge. I really wanted more Olive tones however during my research I found that so many olive geens look totally different dependent on the lighting.

Caldwell Green by Benjamin Moore proved to be just the right tones in any light that I was searching for. It can be warm and moody or bright and fresh depending on the countertop and hardware finishes in the room. In this scenario it is both warm and moody while light and refreshing with the countertops. As pictured here, color alone can make such a drastic difference in your home. Furthermore, when remodeling on a budget, painting cabinets is by far the most affordable route one can take to update a kitchen or a bathroom.

Whether you are doing a full kitchen remodel, remodeling on a small budget, or building a brand new kitchen, the decision making can become overwhelming. Trying to fit the new with old, buying all new but loat amongst all of the of options, difficulty staying within a budget, the obstacles are truly nothing short of intimidating. Hiring a designer can ultimately keep you on track and help you achieve your desired look. Whether it is hiring a designer for consulting solely on colors, or to create a mood board with all of the kitchen finishings, I would be overjoyed to assist you on your next project!

Inquiries, collaborations, questions, comments, contact me!

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