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Magic Light Trick

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money, or a ridiculous amount of time to achieve the look you want with sconces. This magic light trick and these sconces were just what our narrow hallway needed. You can install these by your doorway, over wall art, as lighting over your nightstand, and so many more uses.

Achieving this look cost us a total of $65, I’ve linked everything needed to install below. The set of 3 sconces are from Amazon and are just under $50. We removed all of the wiring that came with sconces, mounted them, and installed the magic lights. The lights do come with the remote controlled that is pictured- you do not need to individually turn each light on, this will do it for you. The magic lights however, kept falling down. Right in front of our toddlers room. Not exactly an ideal situation and instantly regretted not wiring them. UNTIL I did some research and found that the PVC attachments (for all of $1.88 a piece) screw perfectly into the sconce. So, we stuck the sticky double sided tape that comes with the lights onto the PVC, and in went the light into the sconce.

My tip is to use good reputable batteries in the lights, such as Duracell; we used batteries purchased off of Amazon and within 2 months these hardly used sconces were already not functioning. When I replaced the batteries, I removed the PVC attachment and since doing so it will not stay attached and continues to fall down. More of the adhesive that comes with the light would do the trick, however; I don’t believe it is sold separately.

As you can probably already tell, it certainly has its pros and it’s cons. If this is a frequently utilized light fixture such as over a vanity in the bathroom, I would not recommend As this is not as seamless as flicking on a light switch or switching a light bulb. However for our purposes, which is an already well lit hallway, this was an aesthetically pleasing way to decorate this area of our home. Next up, finally getting photos into those IKEA frames!

Questions, comments, success? Email me, would love to chat about your next project!


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