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North and Finch Framed Art

I usually just frame photos of my family or have mirrors on the wall- that’s essentially it. Art is so subjective and I have a difficult time buying mass printed art or committing to pricey piece that might not age well in my home.

I discovered North and Finch on instagram and they have pieces starting at just $15. Their featured artists offer so many beautiful prints with neutral tones and a vintage feel. i like the customization that they offer as well so that you can fit it to your own personal budget.

I personally chose to have it printed and framed by them because a similar frame is sold at West Elm for over $100 and when evaluating the pricing, it made a lot of sense. Furthermore I’m in a place where paying more for convenience is worthwhile with 2 young children. However if I had the time I would probably scope out other similar frames at a thrift store perhaps and have it printed at a local office supply store.

I chose this ocean piece and specific frame because the color schemes really complement my home and current decor well. We live right by the water and have always wanted an ocean piece however could never quite find one that wasn’t too busy or bright. I’m overall really happy with my purchase and look forward to featuring more of their pieces throughout out home!

Melissa Labelle Designs

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